200 years began so that Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) and Ben could explore more song oriented material than either of their other outlets allowed.


200yearscouch                                                                                  photo: Cam Archer 

Many of the songs on the first s/t record were written in 2008-9 in a garden shed in Humboldt County, CA (some of the songs on Six Organs’ Shelter From The Ash were written there as well). The rest of the songs were written at their home at the time in Seattle, where it rains nine months out of the year (the other three months are spider season).

Their first show was supporting Baby Dee in Seattle.

In 2010 they recorded their s/t debut at Key Club Studio in Michigan (where School Of The Flower was recorded). It was released by Drag City in 2011.



In the same year they released the LP Holyoke (named after the Massachusetts town they moved to in 2010) on the Grapefruit subscription series. This record featured Donovan Quinn on guitar and vocals and a cover version of the band Gate’s version of the Faust song Jennifer. Reviewed in Wire –





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