Hiroyuki Usui cut his teeth in many Japanese underground bands including Fushitsusha, Kyōaku no Intention and Ghost. It was with his private press release Holy Letters under the name of L that he first caught the attention of Ben and indeed, inspired early Six Organs recordings. The two were introduced via email by Alan Cummings and plans were set to make music together. CDRs were recorded and sent back and forth between Japan and California in the early 00s. Because of the semi-archaic recording process the music was mixed as it was recorded, adding a strange ambience to the can’t-go-back-now attitude. The group chose the name August Born for obvious reasons and released the record on Drag City in 2005.




L Holy Letters



Ben contributed liner notes to the 2004 reissue of L’s Holy Letters on VHF records.





PSF Split






In 2009 Six Organs and Hiroyuki’s new band, Azul, shared a split LP on the PSF label.





August born is currently recording a new album using slightly more modern techniques, yet still have never met each other face to face.

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