Electric Belewgaloo

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Man, Belew’s solo here. Always been a favorite record, especially when his guitar solos morph into an 8 bit calculator tone. But this solo…  

Six Organs On Bandcamp

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  Yes I know that Drag City records have been on Bandcamp, but not the other records. So… Hermit Hut Bandcamp is finally happening. This will be the place for Six Organs releases that I am in direct control of, including records that were later reissued by Holy Mountain after my Pavilion label released them,… Read more »

Coffee interview inspirations

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  These two clips have been my “drink coffee at 7AM and get inspired to work for the day” videos. Big fan of both their work too, obviously. But these videos are really inspiring to actually DO the work.    

Latest Regret

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  Really fantastic song from my friend Alex Neilson who sometimes plays drums with Six Organs   Love you Alex!