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A new Six Organs of Admittance record will be arriving in 2017. Burning The Threshold will be released Feb 24th on Drag City.



A song from the record can be listened to at NPR here.

This record is the first non-hexadic acoustic oriented record since 2011’s Asleep On The Floodplain. It features a few friends throughout the record (Alex Neilson, Chris Corsano, Haley Fohr, Cooper Crain, Damon and Naomi, Ryley Walker).  The acoustic guitar was recorded at Gladtree Studios in Vermont (see below post for photo of the shed I recorded in). The tracks were then taken to Chicago where the record was finished by recording with Cooper Crain (Bitchin Bajas) in a few locations.

We will be having a special record release party on Feb 22nd in London at St Pancras Old Church. Tour dates in the US will follow. Tickets here.

Track Listing –

1. Things As They Are

2. Adoration Song

3. Reservoir

4. Under Fixed Stars

5. Around The Axis

6. Taken By Ascent

7. Threshold Of Light

8. St. Eustace

9. Reflection

More thoughts on the record soon. Thank you.




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