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In 2009 or so, while living in Seattle, I had the idea to make a Six Organs Of Admittance guitar tablature notebook featuring a sort of cross section of my songs throughout the years. I got most of it done in a few months and had my friend Andrew check the work to make sure it was correct (he found some mistakes). Since then it has been on my mind but every time I start to work on the book it seems I have to leave on tour and everything gets put back on the shelf. This year I have started working on it again, trying to add some songs that came out since 2009.

Since I have the pages out and since I have a website where I can share graphics now and since I have a fair amount of guilt for never finishing this project, I would like to share a little of it now. I have to say, I don’t think a person is their own best transcriber of their own guitar music. At least I know I am not. Some of the songs may not be 100% accurate as my fingers and brain can’t seem to be able to decide on what versions to play. I have tried to keep the TABs as close to the recorded versions as possible but I know other moves snuck in. Perhaps they can be seen as more of a median way to play the songs. At least they will give some hint toward the moves.

For now, here are the notes for Elk River, which came out on the Octavio Paz record but was really one of the first fingerpicking songs I ever wrote (click on thumbs for larger image).

*note – updated to fix a couple notes after first posting






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