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It is with excitement that I announce the next Hexadic record, Hexadic III:




This record is a compilation of some of my favorite musicians making music using the Hexadic System. It features:

Moon Duo

Jenks Miller

Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley (Heron Oblivion)

Tashi Dorji

Richard Youngs

Stephen O’Malley, Tim Wyskida (both ex-Khanate) & Marc Urselli

Phil Legard

Phil should be known to those who have been following the system as he has been not only composing with it but also exploring its context and possibilities in a series of posts that can be found here. The people I asked have all been very supportive of the project from the beginning. In fact, when I asked a couple of the folks (Richard Youngs and Stephen O’Malley) if they might be interested in doing something for a record, they informed me that they already recorded using the system and sent me their tracks immediately (I’ve been sitting on them for a couple of years now so it’s very cool to finally share them).

Mostly I’m just really humbled that everyone on the record took their time to compose music for this release. At first the artists may seem wildly varied but I feel the magic of this record is that the Hexadic system provides a skeleton for the music so that it all seems of one world. It is very much a Hexadic record. I will post more soon about the individual tracks. Thank you to everyone who contributed. It’s hard to convey how much it means to me.

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