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New Bums is on the move again. After six weeks of touring in the US we haven’t had enough. We’re heading to the UK for some extensive Robert Graves action. Tour dates are on the tour page.

We’ve put together a CDR just for this tour. It includes some songs we’ve recorded after Voices In a Rented Room, some cover songs we’ve done for fun over the years, and 1 recording from our very first get together in the garage.

Here’s one of the cover songs, originally recorded by Tommy Bolin:

Track List:

1. Follow Them Up The Slope

2. Izzy

3. Street Of Spies

4. Hermitage Song

5. New Address

6. Wild Dogs (Tommy Bolin Cover)

7. Not Alone (garage nights recording)

David from Red River Dialect will be opening many of the shows in the UK.

Please come out if you can. Don’t know the next time New Bums will be heading out of the US again.

Here’s a link to our live show from NY in April in all its rag-taggedness.


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