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Hexadic Cover


A few weeks ago we announced a new Six Organs of Admittance record, Hexadic, to be released Feb 17th, 2015 on Drag City. This release is the result of years of working on a new way to compose music. We’ve been using the word “system,” but it would probably be more accurate to describe it as an “open system.” It is very malleable. The particular songs on this record were bent toward the idea of rock music. I composed 30 pieces using this system. Of those 30 songs, I chose 9 that could best be worked into a rock format for Hexadic. I wanted to make a rock record. So there you have it.



As I talked with Drag City about how the record was created, they encouraged me to take my notebooks and systematize them into book form so that others might be able to use the same methods for themselves. That has been keeping me busy the last four months or so.


Cards:Notebook (dragged)
                                                             page 47 of notebook


The system itself consists of different aspects, or correspondences, that can interact with each other or exist on their own. There are game, graphic, and language aspects that intersect with the plane of tonal relationships in a way that creates a unique assemblage. In fact, all of the words on the record were written using the language aspect of the system. The game aspects of the system can be played for fun or used as a compositional method. They can even be used as a performance in itself if the players are confident enough.

The work draws inspiration and uses ideas from three figures: Ramon Llull, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and Gaston Bachelard.

Because the system uses a deck of playing cards as the ur-ground that most of the aspects of the system are born from, we (Drag City and I) will also be making a special Six Organs deck of playing cards. These cards will be a regular deck of poker cards that can be used in any way a deck would normally be used (since the system doesn’t need any special deck). However, the Six Organs deck will have markings on specific cards that are used for specific aspects of the system. For instance, the spades will have a +/- sign designating them as cards used in alternate tunings or as “intensity” signifiers for tonal fields. There will also be markings on the cards that are used for a special figure that is used for composition. In addition, the face cards will also have symbolic representations of figures who populate the Six Organs universe. I worked closely with Steve Quenell, the artist behind many Six Organs record covers (School Of The Flower, RTZ,  Sun Awakens, to name a few), to create the deck. Here is the raw art for Stéphane Mallarmé, who is the King of Spades:




In this card we can see the die and the ship, directly referencing Mallarmé. The outer form delineates the spade. The lighter blue of the background represents air, which is the element of the spade (spades = swords = air). The curled cross bars form a mustache, representative (along with antlers) of the kings (whether or not the real figure had a mustache or antlers) in the deck. The moth is the symbol (death) that is shared with this card’s partner in the Hexadic System, namely, the Queen of Clubs (Leonora Carrington in this deck), which has the same moth.

So this is the total project.

The record has Noel Von Harmonson (Comets, Sic Alps, Heron Oblivion) on drums, Rob Fisk (Common Eider, King Eider, Badgerlore, ex-Deerhoof) on bass and Charlie Saufley (Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound, Meg Baird, Heron Oblivion) on bass. They made the record so much more than I thought it could be and I owe them big time.

Anyway, very excited to get all of this out there and tour as well. I will be putting the tour dates up on this website ASAP. In the meantime you can check the Drag City tour page. We will announce an exciting support musician for all the US shows soon.

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Announcing the second record on Hermit Hut: Australian musician Chris Smith’s Bad Orchestra, coming out October 14th. This release is the first vinyl issue of a record that originally saw life as a small CD run in 2007 on Death Valley in Australia.


Chris Smith


From the moment I got the CD years ago, I’ve had it on repeat constantly. As with Tashi Dorji, Chris is one of those musicians I couldn’t believe wasn’t more well known. The CD seemed impossible to find. It also screamed to be released on vinyl. It’s just one of those records that’s made to be flipped over. When you hear it, you will know what I mean.


Bad Orchestra weaves all sorts of home-made late night destructo-ambient guitar works into a bad-trip haze and adds a couple rockers for good measure. Here’s a rocker:


Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra will be out October 14th and Distributed through Revolver USA.

for press inquires contact press <at>

Pre-order the record on the Hermit Hut page.



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Here at Hermit Hut HQ, it’s a damn party. We’re celebrating our first record being released TODAY –

HH01 Tashi Dorji s/t LP

You can order it from Midheaven (or download the Flac or MP3 version) or get the LP from our own Hermit Hut page.

Also available on iTunes.

Pre-orders were sent out last week so they should be arriving soon.

Here’s a video that Tashi made for us of him playing the guitar (note – this is an improvised piece that is not on the record)



By the way, there’s a Six Organs Instagram account now. You can find me at 6organs on there.




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Hello friends. We have the Tashi Dorji LP in now. Pre-orders are being sent out this week. Thanks everyone who has supported this project by getting one early. It’s a fantastic record. Obviously I love it. Pitchfork had a few nice things to say about it today. You can still order copies from us on the Hermit Hut page. It will also be in record stores on the 19th of August.

Besides that, Tashi will be on tour with Rick Bishop. Dates are on the post below.


                           SIX ORGANS IN THE STUDIO 


Ben & Rob                                                                    photo: NVH


Six Organs has been recording the next release for Drag City with Eric Bauer in SF. This is the longest it’s ever been between Six Organs releases since I first started the band, mostly because I spent all of last year working on a system of music for Six Organs based on the combinatorial processes of Ramon Llull. The band on this record includes NVH (Comets) and Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, Common Eider, King Eider, ex-Deerhoof) and Charlie Saufley (Assemble Head In The Sunburst Sound). It is a record of the loud variety.

More news on this as it progresses, but this will be pretty full-on early next year.



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Our friends Sir Richard Bishop and Tashi Dorji are hitting the road together in late August – early September to bring their music to YOU. Hell yeah. These are looking to be some of the most mind-bending guitar shows ever. Dates are below.

Thank you very much for all the support for the first LP to be released on Hermit Hut records. The response has been phenomenal. We’re stoked. We are officially out of the pre-sale bonus cassette. Thank you all very much.

You can pre-order the record on the Hermit Hut page.

The record is still in production but know that we will get these out to all the pre-orders as soon as we have them in our hands.


6.25.14 – Greensboro, NC – Mosaic Festival

8.29.14 – Durham, NC – The Pinhook – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.1.14 – Louisville, KY – Dreamland – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.2.14 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.3.14 – Detroit, MI – Trinosophes – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.4.14 – Toronto, ON – Geary Lane – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.5.14 – Montreal, QC – La Vitrola – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.6.14 – Brooklyn, NY – ISSUE Project Room – W/ Sir Richard Bishop