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Hello all! No updates lately ’cause I’ve been on the move. Thank you to everyone who came out to the  New Bums shows in Feb and March in the USA. We put 9000 miles on our car. Extra big thanks to everyone who put us up for the night and fed us. There are countless wonderful souls out there in America. Also, amazing how many cool dogs there are. Nearly every single house we stayed at had a killer dog.

Here’s one. His name is Stanley. He lives in Houston and he only has 3 legs.



New Bums is still on the move. Heading to the UK, Netherlands and Germany in June. Check the shows page for venues. We’re playing a few out-of-the way places in the UK thanks to our good friend David Morris (who plays in the killer band Red River Dialect and who will be opening some of the shows). We asked David to find us some places to play that aren’t the average tour circuit and he delivered. We’re stoked to start this new phase. Bring out your dogs!

The Dredd Foole/Ben Chasny record is out on Feeding Tube records. It’s called Drunk With Insignificance. They only pressed 300 so you’ve been warned.

Forced Exposure listing for Drunk with Insignificance



Still working on Six Organs. Going to maybe try to record this summer, hopefully. There is also a vinyl pressing of an older Six Organs release that has never been on vinyl before that is in the works. It’s getting mastered right now. It will come out on Holy Mountain. More on that later.

My Friend Hiroyuki Usui is releasing a new record this month on VHF Records. It’s called Usui Sings the Blues. Hiroyuki plays in August Born with me. He’s also been in some legendary groups like Fushitsusha and Ghost, among many others. This new one feels like like a sequel to his Holy Letters record, which had a huge influence on the sound of Six Organs. It’s melancholic, sad, late night string sessions that sound barely there. One of the best releases of the year in my opinion.





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New Bums’ friend Willem Jones shot a video for our song The Killers And Me off of the new record coming out next month.

We’ve almost finished confirming all of our shows in the US for March and April. I will be adding those to the tour dates shortly. We’re also booking a tour for the UK and hopefully Europe in May/June. If you are interested in having us play in the UK, please contact our man David Morris at the Julie Tippex agency. If you are interested in having New Bums play any shows in Europe, please contact our man Afonso at Filho Unico Booking.


See ya soon.

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Happy 2014. New Bums is alive and well and we hope you are too. We’re gearing up for some action in terms of releases and shows. There will be a full length on Drag City, coming out mid February. Donovan and I have been fooling around with this record for about 5 years now but last year we got serious (I guess). It’s called Voices In A Rented Room.



We’re planning a pretty full-on US tour, maybe about 5 weeks, starting early March. We’ve got some friends hitting the road with us as well. We’re also planning a UK/Europe tour for May/June so if you are interested in having us, get in touch in some way. I’ll write more about that when things are finalized but you can always check HERE for the latest news.

Our 7″ on New Bums Industries is still available via Midheaven.

2013 had us actually taking this jalopy on the road and man, did we have a good time. Bill Callahan was kind enough to let us open up a week’s worth of shows and we’d like to say thank you to all the great people who gave us encouragement. We’d also like to say, contrary to allegations, New Bums were not the ones partying backstage while Mr. Callahan was playing his songs in Chapel Hill.

So why did I start a band with Donovan Quinn? Because he’s one of the best lyricist out there today. Living in San Francisco for a few years, down the street from Donovan, was one of the more rewarding times in my life. I learned a lot about writing words. I mean, the man wrote Disciples Of California with his band, Skygreen Leopards.


It’s always kind of blown my mind how criminally overlooked Skygreen Leopards are. So it goes I guess.

New Bums doesn’t sound like any of that though. We’re more like a straight cross between Donovan’s jams and mine. Donovan has also made some solo records and sent them right into the abyss, though they should be on everyone’s shelf.  You could do a lot worse than picking one up.


What I’m saying is the guy should be more well known. I’m stoked to be in a band with him. It’s an honor.

Oh – and as for Six Organs – I’m working on some crazy insanity right now. It’s very exciting but it’s a lot of work. Essentially I’m building a system and then I am going to use the system for the composition. All I will say right now is that it is inspired by Morton Feldman, Agrippa, Old West Saloons and a bunch of other good stuff. Much more much later!

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A couple more pages from the TAB book. This song was an improvisation that was one of a series of songs that I recorded one afternoon in my kitchen. It ended up on the Dark Noontide record. My original idea was to record an afternoon of short, slow acoustic improvisations, ala Loren Connors or something. This is the only one that made the cut.




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One of the things I want to do with this new format is post short interviews with people I work with and/or appreciate. I figured the best person to start off with is Sir Richard Bishop as we have a bit of a history of interviewing each other. I asked him some questions back in 2006 for Fretboard Journal (which can be read on SRB’s site) and he asked me some questions for a recent interview for Bomb magazine. Considering he’s been pretty quiet the last year (by SRB standards) I thought we should figure out what the hell he’s been up to. As always, the views of SRB do not necessarily reflect the views of this website, organization, or dimension.


Smokin Rick


First off, you’ve been pretty quiet as of 2013. What have you been up to? I heard you moved. Is that why my letters keep getting returned? 

Yeah, I’ve been hiding out a little bit, taking some time off from touring. Since June I have been here in Geneva, Switzerland for a residency, staying in an old renovated sheep house (La Moutonniere) which is on the grounds of a pretty fancy estate built in 1722. Nice view of the Lake Geneva shoreline. Have been working with a dance company here, who I have worked with a few times before, trying to come up with music for their latest creation. I am failing miserably. I’m also working on my book, trying to get that finished. It’s a shit ton of work but I am determined. I started working on the book in Thailand in 2009 and will be heading back there in a few weeks and plan on staying as long as possible. So I am hoping to finish it while over there. I am enjoying being away from the states and have no intention of going back any time soon. Have I missed any Rangda shows? And yes, your letters are probably getting returned but how the fuck did you get my old mailing address!!!

I got it using the freedom of information act. Easy. Do you have any releases coming out? It looked like Stephen O’Malley posted a detail of some art that looked like your beard. Is this a record?

You are referring to the Intermezzo LP which O’Malley released last year on his label. Now, if you look on your record shelves you should find at least one copy of this because I know I gave you one or more. Did you sell it? What did you get for it? Oh, I bet you traded it for some Kratom! Regardless, in August I finished recording a new solo acoustic record which will be released in March or April on VDSQ Records. It’s a good one – my best yet. It will head straight to number one.

Oh OK, I see now that it is the same record. Hey, I wanted to ask you about Persian tuned piano. I know you play piano and have recorded some tracks but have you ever fooled around with that tuning? What do you know about it?  I used to listen to RadioDarvish (which unfortunately seems to be down now) and they would play some very beautiful songs. Do you have any favorite musicians in that genre?

Is that where the Iranians remove all the zionist notes from the keyboard so that their music will be more enriching? Yeah, I love that music. I have never had a chance to play a piano that was tuned like that but I hope to at some point. Seems like there are a lot of possibilities with that. I don’t really know many artists by name who play Persian tuned piano, but I will say that you are my favorite musician in every genre!!!! – What you are doing with didgeridoo and rain stick right now is really amazing! Oh, and I love the last record you did – you really captured the essence of Cher in her heyday before all the surgery. I’m not sure what genre you would call that but I do hope you have your own variety show someday. 

Thanks. That reminds me, what happened to that youtube channel you had up of other musicians? I can’t find it anymore. 

Oh yeah, The Freak of Araby Youtube channel. That had a lot of potential. Youtube/Google took it down because they got a lot of complaints about it (so they said). I guess sharing videos of Oum Kalthoum, Farid al-Atrache, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, and other Arabs making High Art is just not acceptable for some people. My Klezmer channel is still up.

I’m waiting for your early morning talk show. Last question – Do you give guitar lessons? How much do you charge? 

Nobody should take guitar lessons, ever! It ruins everything. That being said, I will gladly give lessons for $750 an hour. No need to bring a guitar, a simple first aid kit should be enough.  Or, one can just buy my book when it is available. That way I won’t have to drive anybody to the hospital.