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Yes I know that Drag City records have been on Bandcamp, but not the other records. So…

Hermit Hut Bandcamp is finally happening. This will be the place for Six Organs releases that I am in direct control of, including records that were later reissued by Holy Mountain after my Pavilion label released them, and records that Holy Mountain put out at one time which are now under control of Hermit Hut. I’ve also put up other things such as the Maria Kapel LP, which I released on Pavilion a few years ago in edition of 400.




As a sort of launch party I’ve put up a sort of “rarities” release for free download. The songs on this were culled from about 20 years of cassette 4 track recordings that I have in boxes. Think of it as the more “song” side of the RTZ triple LP on Drag City. There’s some demos, weird jams and cover songs that I recorded just for fun over the years. It also includes the aborted Tribute to Vermonster 7” that I recorded in 2002 but deemed to out-of-control for standard Six Organs release but this seems like the right time/format. So go to Hermit Hut bandcamp and get yourself a free Six Organs record. Link in bio.

I will be using that space to release more weird, rare, and not so rare things to come. Keep an eye out for the Saint Eustace Print and digital EP. I will be releasing 30 of them and keeping 20 for live shows coming up. Probably some tour CDRs that were only available before at shows as well. Plus an LP that those who know the discography will note is missing here.

Keep and eye here, my IG or Twitter for updates on new items

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Really fantastic song from my friend Alex Neilson who sometimes plays drums with Six Organs


Love you Alex!

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Happy New Year.


A couple things have been keeping 6Ø from completing the next record. One is that I had a major hard drive crash, effectively ruining the work I’ve done on it for the last 5 months. I know, I know. Well I have 2 external hard drives now. Won’t happen again. So…back to the end of the line. Oh well. Still feeling good about I though.


I’ve gotten back the rights to all of the old Six Organs recordings. That includes the s/t and Dust and Chimes (which I originally put out myself but then Holy Mountain released on CD) Dark Noontide, Compathia, and For Octavio Paz (originally out out on vinyl on Time-Lag records and then on CD by Holy Mountain). All of these records are now under the umbrella of Hermit Hut and I am working on getting them out in vinyl in due time. That has also been a project taking up some time.


Not much else to say. This record was one of my most listened to records last year. Wish I could see this live:


Looks like a good year for acoustic music already with the new Steve Gunn and William Tyler both coming out at the beginning of the year. Very nice.


Working on some archival stuff which will be fun to finally unleash. Also, should be taking over the band camp any day from Drag City to put my own stuff on it. I will be putting up the St Eustace project when that happens, as well.





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Really stoked to grab this new Michele Murcure. The one that came out on Freedom To Spend a bit ago floored me. Basically everything on Freedom To Spend is incredible, so that’s no surprise, but that record in particular: