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I know I need to update this site more often. I usually can’t think of anything new to put on it. I will maybe try to use it more like a blog, and just post things I find interesting. But here’s a little new info.

First – I will be playing the Big Ears Festival with both Rangda and Six Organs of Admittance in Knoxville, TN next March.



Second – I finished a record. This will be announced in a bit.

Our friend Phil Legard has made a page on his website dedicated to the Hexadic System. We’re honored. The Hexadic project is still full on. I imagine it will continue for the rest of my life, even if music is made during the meantime that is not Hexadic.

Speaking of the Hexadic System and Phil Legard – From Here to Tranquility Volume 7 is a new comp put on on Kim Cascone’s Silent Records. It features a song by David Metcalfe using Six Organs Hexadic material as a source. Kim Cascone is a person definitely worth your time.

As for things I have been interested in lately –

This Northrop Frye lecture series on Bible as Literature is pretty great. Recommended on Twitter by Brent S. Sirota. I know I know, we’re all enlightened atheists that don’t believe in that fairy tale stuff. Still, pretty nice for those of us that never went to Sunday School and want to pick up on some of the threads of western civilization. Donovan Quinn and I are reading Frye’s book on William Blake right now and it’s very, very good. I’d actually put it next to Henry Corbin’s Alone with the Alone in terms of inspiration and books that dive into the importance of the imagination.

During the Rangda tour we listened to this lecture by Sun Ra. It struck me that his ideas of power, language and myth aren’t a million miles away from people like Foucault and Zizek. Sun Ra’s just a lot more fun to listen to. Cool reading list too.

You’ve probably heard by now but VHF and Three Lobed have launched a Jack Rose Reissue campaign that is very much needed. Even Pitchfork likes it.


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A new Rangda LP is upon us. Our 3rd full length will be released by Drag City on 2/19/16. We will be heading out on tour shortly after that. Tour dates have been posted to this site.

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Just a reminder that the Three Lobed Parallelogram 5 LP set is now available. I believe they are in stores now. You can also order them directly from Three Lobed.

Individual records are available on Three Lobed’s Bandcamp as well. The Six Organs/William Tyler is here.