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A new Rangda LP is upon us. Our 3rd full length will be released by Drag City on 2/19/16. We will be heading out on tour shortly after that. Tour dates have been posted to this site.

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Just a reminder that the Three Lobed Parallelogram 5 LP set is now available. I believe they are in stores now. You can also order them directly from Three Lobed.

Individual records are available on Three Lobed’s Bandcamp as well. The Six Organs/William Tyler is here.





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I will be doing a handful of events in the coming month: two shows, one lecture and one workshop. They are listed on the Shows page and to the right.


The lecture at Feeding Tube will have me discussing the Hexadic System, it’s influences and worlds as well as some of the basic mechanics of it. Byron will be cooking chili, which will no doubt be awesome as he’s one of the best cooks I know. The workshop event in Maine, on Feb 20th, has a  limited capacity so if you are interested, please get in touch ASAP. For that, I will give a minimal amount of background info on the Hexadic System. Most of the time will be spent using the cards to compose. Participants will leave the lecture with charts that have been filled out that they can take home to convert into music. Instruments are not needed for the workshop.