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Hello friends. We have the Tashi Dorji LP in now. Pre-orders are being sent out this week. Thanks everyone who has supported this project by getting one early. It’s a fantastic record. Obviously I love it. Pitchfork had a few nice things to say about it today. You can still order copies from us on the Hermit Hut page. It will also be in record stores on the 19th of August.

Besides that, Tashi will be on tour with Rick Bishop. Dates are on the post below.


                           SIX ORGANS IN THE STUDIO 


Ben & Rob                                                                    photo: NVH


Six Organs has been recording the next release for Drag City with Eric Bauer in SF. This is the longest it’s ever been between Six Organs releases since I first started the band, mostly because I spent all of last year working on a system of music for Six Organs based on the combinatorial processes of Ramon Llull. The band on this record includes NVH (Comets) and Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, Common Eider, King Eider, ex-Deerhoof) and Charlie Saufley (Assemble Head In The Sunburst Sound). It is a record of the loud variety.

More news on this as it progresses, but this will be pretty full-on early next year.



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Our friends Sir Richard Bishop and Tashi Dorji are hitting the road together in late August – early September to bring their music to YOU. Hell yeah. These are looking to be some of the most mind-bending guitar shows ever. Dates are below.

Thank you very much for all the support for the first LP to be released on Hermit Hut records. The response has been phenomenal. We’re stoked. We are officially out of the pre-sale bonus cassette. Thank you all very much.

You can pre-order the record on the Hermit Hut page.

The record is still in production but know that we will get these out to all the pre-orders as soon as we have them in our hands.


6.25.14 – Greensboro, NC – Mosaic Festival

8.29.14 – Durham, NC – The Pinhook – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.1.14 – Louisville, KY – Dreamland – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.2.14 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.3.14 – Detroit, MI – Trinosophes – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.4.14 – Toronto, ON – Geary Lane – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.5.14 – Montreal, QC – La Vitrola – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

9.6.14 – Brooklyn, NY – ISSUE Project Room – W/ Sir Richard Bishop

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New Bums is on the move again. After six weeks of touring in the US we haven’t had enough. We’re heading to the UK for some extensive Robert Graves action. Tour dates are on the tour page.

We’ve put together a CDR just for this tour. It includes some songs we’ve recorded after Voices In a Rented Room, some cover songs we’ve done for fun over the years, and 1 recording from our very first get together in the garage.

Here’s one of the cover songs, originally recorded by Tommy Bolin:

Track List:

1. Follow Them Up The Slope

2. Izzy

3. Street Of Spies

4. Hermitage Song

5. New Address

6. Wild Dogs (Tommy Bolin Cover)

7. Not Alone (garage nights recording)

David from Red River Dialect will be opening many of the shows in the UK.

Please come out if you can. Don’t know the next time New Bums will be heading out of the US again.

Here’s a link to our live show from NY in April in all its rag-taggedness.


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Introducing the record label I’ve been threatening the world with for years: Hermit Hut. It will serve as a delivery system for music that I have a strong, personal affection for. I think it was about 8 years ago that I mentioned in an interview with Pitchfork that I was starting a label. Now it’s here. I move slowly. What can I say?


The first release will be the vinyl debut from the guitar player Tashi Dorji. Tashi has been slaying the scene here in the US the last couple of years with a handful of cassettes documenting a style that is simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.



For this LP, Tashi and I went through his cassettes (some of which were available to the public and some that were private, for friends only) to construct a record that would be a powerful first salvo of vinyl from both Tashi and Hermit Hut. Really, when I first heard Tashi’s music and noticed he didn’t have any vinyl available, the decision was a no-brainer to finally get my act in gear and start up Hermit Hut.



Tashi Dorji – s/t – HH01 will be released on August 19th, 2014.

Pre-Order the record on the Hermit Hut page.


The Hermit Hut page also has contact info for press and a link to a dropbox of pictures, articles, etc for press (or if you are a huge Tashi fan and want his picture as your wallpaper).

Hermit Hut inquiries: hermithutrecords <at>

As for upcoming Hermit Hut releases, we already have those in the pipeline for ya and they should be coming sooner or later:

Chris SmithBad Orchestra LP – HH02

Six Organs Of AdmittanceMaria Kapel LP – HH03


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Hello all! No updates lately ’cause I’ve been on the move. Thank you to everyone who came out to the  New Bums shows in Feb and March in the USA. We put 9000 miles on our car. Extra big thanks to everyone who put us up for the night and fed us. There are countless wonderful souls out there in America. Also, amazing how many cool dogs there are. Nearly every single house we stayed at had a killer dog.

Here’s one. His name is Stanley. He lives in Houston and he only has 3 legs.



New Bums is still on the move. Heading to the UK, Netherlands and Germany in June. Check the shows page for venues. We’re playing a few out-of-the way places in the UK thanks to our good friend David Morris (who plays in the killer band Red River Dialect and who will be opening some of the shows). We asked David to find us some places to play that aren’t the average tour circuit and he delivered. We’re stoked to start this new phase. Bring out your dogs!

The Dredd Foole/Ben Chasny record is out on Feeding Tube records. It’s called Drunk With Insignificance. They only pressed 300 so you’ve been warned.

Forced Exposure listing for Drunk with Insignificance



Still working on Six Organs. Going to maybe try to record this summer, hopefully. There is also a vinyl pressing of an older Six Organs release that has never been on vinyl before that is in the works. It’s getting mastered right now. It will come out on Holy Mountain. More on that later.

My Friend Hiroyuki Usui is releasing a new record this month on VHF Records. It’s called Usui Sings the Blues. Hiroyuki plays in August Born with me. He’s also been in some legendary groups like Fushitsusha and Ghost, among many others. This new one feels like like a sequel to his Holy Letters record, which had a huge influence on the sound of Six Organs. It’s melancholic, sad, late night string sessions that sound barely there. One of the best releases of the year in my opinion.