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You know, it’s funny. I was just thinking how horrible twitter is now for just sending out thoughts you might have at the moment. Or how Instagram is all image etc and thinking, “back in the day I’d just post to my website these dumb thoughts when I felt them” and it was like the biggest smack in the forehead. And sometimes I think of this kid who came up to me in Croatia in about 2009 and told me he wished I had kept up my website where I just posted rants and things I was listening to and all that. And that was back in 2009! So, maybe this will be the beginning of many more dumb posts, only existing in my own world. Or maybe I won’t post again for like 8 months as per usual. Who knows?

Figured I’d just post this Stones vid because it’s amazing. This song was always a tough one to cover because even though it’s one of my favorite songs ever, that “needle and the spoon” line makes one wonder what even does “truth” mean when covering a song that one loves. Townes used to cover this as well.

Did I ever tell you the story about when I was asked to perform at a Townes tribute and I thought it’d be a good idea to cover some crazy obscure Townes song and I got pretty drunk before my turn and it was the only time I’ve heard the “boos” (I’m sure I’ve had tons of boos throughout the years but the good lord has kept them mostly from my ears, except for this night)? Maybe that one will be the next post.

Anyway, I love Dead Flowers. I covered it at KHSU and put it on the B side of my first 7″. Did I ever tell you about how I tried to do my own 6 organs version of The Stones’ Heaven? That’ll be another story. Man, I already got so many…


And here’s Heaven.


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