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As much as I tell myself I am going to keep this site updated when I post, I always forget. This is particularly strange since I am so horrible at most people’s preferred method of communication: Facebook and Twitter. Since I don’t have a FB account and since I always feel a slight tinge of shame with every self promotion tweet (Elisa says it is polite to retweet when people say nice things about you but I can’t get used to that), it would seem that posting here would be the most direct and least shameful way of communication. Anyway –

West Coast tour is over. Donovan and Elisa and I had a wonderful time. We’re currently preparing for the East Coast/Midwest tour which will kick off with Six Organs (and Rangda) at Big Ears festival.

Elisa and I made a video for Adoration Song featuring my sister’s dog, Apollo. He’s a good character –


Here’s a few interviews I’ve done recently for the record:




I also recently did a guest DJ thing at NTS radio in London. It’s been archived if you want to listen:



Happy to announce that John Elliot will be joining me in creating music for the Wallace Stevens play. Very stoked on that.


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