Six Organs

New Six Organs digital record of rare tracks

  I just put up a digital record of a collection of rare Six Organs tracks that have appeared on various comps, 7″ singles, rare lathe-cuts and even some music from the obscure 2008 film The Drifter that I did a little music for. All the music has been remastered and in the case of […]

Six Organs

Here we are. And something to help you sleep.

Well, what can I say? Obviously the touring for the next few months is now off. I have heard from my booking agent that all of the “professionals” have already rushed into Sept  – Dec of this year to make up for their lost tours so there really isn’t a chance of Six Organs touring

Hermit Hut, Six Organs

Six Organs On Bandcamp

  Yes I know that Drag City records have been on Bandcamp, but not the other records. So… Hermit Hut Bandcamp is finally happening. This will be the place for Six Organs releases that I am in direct control of, including records that were later reissued by Holy Mountain after my Pavilion label released them,

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