“Obliterating mediocre resonances since 2014”

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HH03 Vampire Belt – Unfit Structures

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HH02 Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra 

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Australian masterpiece of lonesome and desolate guitar works using tape collages, fields of distortion and a bad attitude.

Release Date: October 14th, 2014.

Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra LP post paid to USA $20.00

Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra post paid to Canada $27.50

Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra post paid to Rest Of World $34.50





HH01 Tashi Dorji s/t 

Press Packet

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Tashi’s booking agent in the USA is Strange Victory Touring







Debut vinyl for both Tashi Dorji and Hermit Hut. Unpredictable solo guitar that scrapes the edges of oblivion with delicacy and terror. Cover created and designed by the conceptual artist Rick Myers.

Release Date: August 19th, 2014

Tashi Dorji s/t LP post paid to USA $20.00 

Tashi Dorji s/t LP post paid to Canada $27.50  

Tashi Dorji s/t LP post paid to Rest Of World $34.50