Hermit Hut

“Obliterating mediocre resonances since 2014”

Hermit Hut was created to put out Tashi Dorji’s first record. At the time it was incomprehensable that no one had released an offical Tashi Doriji record. Since then Tashi has gone on to do many great things and Hermit Hut has put out a few more official vinyl releases, as well as continue to release digital only records on our Bandcamp page. The following is a list of our official vinyl:

HH001 – Tashi Dorji S/T

First vinyl record for both Hermit Hut and Tashi Dorji. This record collects his most enigmatic pieces from his earlier, self released cassettes. Record cover specially designed by Rick Myers.

Vinyl at Midheaven

Digital at Tashi Dorj

HH002 – Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra

Vinyl issue of the CD that was released about a decade earlier. Deconstructed 4AM-rock soundscapes that live somewhere between Crazy Horse and Michael Morley’s Gate.

Vinyl and Digital at Hermit Hut Bandcamp

HH003 – Vampire Belt – Unfit Structures

Thrashing yet beautiful guitar/drums duo of Bill Nace (Body/Head, Open Mouth Records) and Chris Corsano (Bill Orcutt, Joe McPhee, Hot Cars Warp Records). Every song has it’s own texture and trajectory, all are jaw dropping.

Vinyl at Midheaven

Digital at Hermit Hut Bandcamp

HH004 – Six Organs of Admittance – For Octavio Paz

They say it’s one of the best Six Organs releases. Remastered and remixed from the original 4-track cassettes. This release opened up the sonic field from the original releases, which brings back some of the sparkle that was originally cut in an attempt to cut back on tape hiss.

Vinyl and Digital at Hermit Hut Bandcamp.

Visit the Hermit Hut Bandcamp page for many more digital only releases.

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