Related Bands in the Six Organs Universe
200 Years –

Duo formed with Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) to play music quieter than what either usually plays. Drag City released their debut album in 2011.Their second LP came out on Grapefruit records.



August Born

Duo formed with Hiroyuki Usui (L, Azul, ex-Fushitsusha, ex-Ghost) by sending CDRs back and forth across the Pacific Ocean in 2003. Heavy Acid folk with singing duties traded off between the two of them.


Technically this band started before Six Organs with Rob Fisk (Common Eider, King Eider / ex-Deerhoof). Beginning as a duo, the band took on musicians as the years went by, with Tom Carter, Pete Swanson, Liz Harris, and Glenn Donaldson eventually joining the band at different times. Their last record was, We Are All Hopefull Farmers, released on Table Of The Elements.

Comets On Fire

Joining the band as a guest musicians on their second record, Field Recordings From The Sun, Ben joined the band as a full time member for their following two records released on Sub Pop, Blue Cathedral and Avatar.

New Bums

Duo formed with Donovan Quinn (Skygreen Leopards) when both members lives a couple houses away from each other in the Mission in SF. Loose acoustic songs somewhat in the same world as Jacobites, Big Star 3rd, etc. They’ve released 2 records on Drag City.

In 2022 their song The Killers And Me was used on an Episode of the TV show Chucky, proving the theory that yes, we are living in a simulation.


Trio formed with Chris Corsano on drums and Rick Bishop on guitar. Instrumental music surfing between improvisation and tightly wound, time signature changing, unison riffs. They’ve released 3 records on Drag City.

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