Here’s a track from Burning The Threshold. That’s Corsano on Drums, Cooper Crain on keys, and Haley Fohr singing on the chorus and those 3 part harmonies. I should note – there is bass on this song that is completely lost if you only play it through your computer speaker. To get the best sound, if you aren’t plugged into a stereo, I highly recommend listening on headphones.

Haley and Cooper released one of my favorite records of last year, the Jackie Lynn record. I’m very stoked to have them on the record. Cooper also engineered Burning The Threshold in Chicago.


Lately, I’ve been working on music for a play about Wallace Stevens, which will be premiering in Cleveland in May. It’s an original play, written by David Todd. David asked me to write some original music to be incorporated into the action of the play. Being a huge Wallace Stevens fan, I agreed. We are very pleased that the estate of Wallace Stevens has granted us rights to perform his poems and work for 5 years, as well, which will allow us to really bring his work to life. The first song on Burning The Threshold is inspired by the play David wrote, though it won’t actually be in the play.

Until then, I will be concentrating on these upcoming tours. The band will be mostly acoustic. I’m looking forward to playing acoustic in the states. The last time was in 2011 for the Asleep on the Floodplain tour.




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