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New Video and Midwest Tour Dates

I’m so stoked to present a new Six Organs video by my old friend and collaborator, Cam Archer (If you go to the video page you’ll see all the videos are by either Cam or Elisa) Besides that, I’ve announced some new tour dates which will see me back in the midwest for the […]


West Coast Tour and new song

Today we are announcing a handful of shows on the West Coast to play some of these songs from Time is Glass. You can check the venues and dates on the show page. Also released the second song for the new record as well. You can find it on all the streaming services or head

Six Organs

New Website, New Record

Well well well. Look who finally updated their website after more than a decade. The design is nothing to submit to the Apple design team, it’s true, but at least it works. There’s a couple tweaks I need to do for phone optimization as of this post, but before you couldn’t even look at this

Six Organs

New Six Organs digital record of rare tracks

  I just put up a digital record of a collection of rare Six Organs tracks that have appeared on various comps, 7″ singles, rare lathe-cuts and even some music from the obscure 2008 film The Drifter that I did a little music for. All the music has been remastered and in the case of

Six Organs

Here we are. And something to help you sleep.

Well, what can I say? Obviously the touring for the next few months is now off. I have heard from my booking agent that all of the “professionals” have already rushed into Sept  – Dec of this year to make up for their lost tours so there really isn’t a chance of Six Organs touring

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