Hermit Hut and Tashi Dorji


Introducing the record label I’ve been threatening the world with for years: Hermit Hut. It will serve as a delivery system for music that I have a strong, personal affection for. I think it was about 8 years ago that I mentioned in an interview with Pitchfork that I was starting a label. Now it’s here. I move slowly. What can I say?


The first release will be the vinyl debut from the guitar player Tashi Dorji. Tashi has been slaying the scene here in the US the last couple of years with a handful of cassettes documenting a style that is simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.



For this LP, Tashi and I went through his cassettes (some of which were available to the public and some that were private, for friends only) to construct a record that would be a powerful first salvo of vinyl from both Tashi and Hermit Hut. Really, when I first heard Tashi’s music and noticed he didn’t have any vinyl available, the decision was a no-brainer to finally get my act in gear and start up Hermit Hut.



Tashi Dorji – s/t – HH01 will be released on August 19th, 2014.

Pre-Order the record on the Hermit Hut page.


The Hermit Hut page also has contact info for press and a link to a dropbox of pictures, articles, etc for press (or if you are a huge Tashi fan and want his picture as your wallpaper).

Hermit Hut inquiries: hermithutrecords <at> gmail.com

As for upcoming Hermit Hut releases, we already have those in the pipeline for ya and they should be coming sooner or later:

Chris SmithBad Orchestra LP – HH02

Six Organs Of AdmittanceMaria Kapel LP – HH03


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