Hexadic Dreams

How cool is this? Odd Partials is the duo of Rachel Yoder and Greg Dixon. Here they perform a piece that was partially (no pun intended) inspired by the Hexadic System as a part of a recital that Rachel gave.

The description of the video:

Hexadic Dreams (for Rachel Yoder) is inspired by the number six as well as Ben Chasny’s Hexadic System, an algorithmic musical composition system based upon drawing randomly from a standard deck of playing cards. Rather than drawing from a deck of cards, in Hexadic Dreams the modular synthesizer algorithmically makes decisions between six choices in a multitude of ways. Six different tones of the bass clarinet have been pre-recorded by Rachel and these tones are chosen randomly as well as processed randomly using granular synthesis (with Instruo Arbhar). Hexadic Dreams is written in a hexatonic scale (or six-note scale). A quartet of brass like tones plays hexatonic chords using two Buchla 258T oscillators. The clarinet is also mimicked with electronic oscillators, using pitch tracking and amplitude tracking techniques with the Disting EX Tracker algorithm. In addition, using a sustain pedal the clarinetist can (at will) play and write or insert new 1V/octave control voltages into a looping circular buffer using the U-he CVilization MuCorder algorithm.

Thank you very much Greg and Rachel for this wonderful piece.

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