New Six Organs releases


There’s a few new Six Organs releases either just out, or on the way. After spending so long working on the Six Organs Hexadic system, It’s like the damn broke.



First one of note is Hexadic II. This is the follow up to the first Hexadic. The songs are related, using the same charts and fields of notes. Hexadic II explores a quieter, more acoustic world, however. Release date is Nov 20th on Drag City.

Here’s a track from it. This is the second track on the record, so as such, it corresponds to the second track on Hexadic.



One new Six Organs release that you can get now is the vinyl reissue of Dust & Chimes, on Holy Mountain.




Though the distributor and record stores are waiting on the delay of the black vinyl, Holy Mountain has copies of the clear vinyl (limited to 200). Click on that link to get hooked up. I recorded Dust and Chimes in 1998 or so on a Tascam 4 track. it was officially the second Six Organs record ever and I put it out myself on CD on my Pavilion imprint at the time. We remastered the thing for vinyl and are very happy with the sound and this new version.

Here’s a killer video that Elisa Ambrogio made for one of the tracks on Dust & Chimes.





And finally, I’m part of this pretty magnificent box set coming out on 3 Lobed. It’s a 5 LP box set with an artist for each side. Folks in the set include (hiss golden messenger / michael chapman), TLR-110 (six organs of admittance / william tyler), TLR-111 (kurt vile / steve gunn), TLR-112 (thurston moore & john moloney: caught on tape / bishop – orcutt – corsano), and TLR-113 (bardo pond / yo la tengo).



You can pre-order each of the records digitally and individually with those links above. Or you can get the whole thing with it’s beautifully printed packaging from 3 Lobed. This project has been in the works for a while and one of the things that hooked me into it was that I’d be sharing vinyl with William Tyler, who I consider to be one of the great voices in modern American Primitive playing.


Look at that dude go. Love me some WT. My side is a little more…um…droney…


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