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Shackleton & Six Organs of Admittance – Jinxed By Being

“On Jinxed By Being, both Chasny and Shackleton find a collaborative meeting point where sound compliments their respective aesthetics and bodies of work, while moving them towards something thrillingly new.”

-Wire Magazine

“A suite of long, conceptually linked pieces with only a passing nod to the idea of song structures, the album emanates a sustained atmosphere of cosmic dread. Psychedelic and transcendental, it is an unhurried record, outside time”


“Opposites attract in this unexpected collaboration between dubstep pioneer Sam Shackleton and out-folk innovator Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance. Yet the oddity itself is very beautiful… They meet somehow in a middle that no one foresaw, and it is a strange and lovely place.”

-Aquarium Drunkard

“Jinxed by Being is a bold and potently patterned collection of songs, meditations, polished prose and insistent perspectives on the metaphysical approach to human expression… a stunner and a wicked artifact from two greats simply sharing a space together.”

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Norman Records



Time is Glass out now on Drag City Records.

“…evoke(s) Neil Young’s On The Beach as filtered through Richard Youngs.”

-Uncut Magazine

“There is a spirituality here that resembles that found in the recent films of Terence Malick.”


Chasny uses his immediate surroundings to great effect in what is his true loner record, escaping the outside noise and creating a stunning version of his own.”

Sun 13

“…with his unusual blend of restlessness and focus, he keeps breaking new connecting paths between leafy, well-worn ways.”


“20 years on, Chasny is able to reach the astral plane the way most reach for a light switch.”


“With a tangle of acoustics wound around hazed landscapes, Time Is Glass is both blissful and bleak”

Raven Sings The Blues

“The point is that Time Is Glass is lovely music — that much should be no surprise to anyone — but beyond that, it taps into something invisible, deep and important.”


“There is no such thing as ‘just another Six Organs Of Admittance album’. Ben Chasny’s career is one of constant progression (albeit a very cyclical progression, always aware of the growing importance of its own history, but wearing that importance lightly), and by the time we get to the sweetly psychedelic closing track, New Year’s Song, it’s clear that Time Is Glass is another perfectly shaped and uniquely coloured piece in the vast jigsaw puzzle of the Six Organs back catalogue.”


“…the overall effect is mesmerizing, an album that allows its composer’s voice to shine through in new and often more elaborate ways.”

-The Quietus

“extending his acidic American primitive explorations with dizzy ambient textures and keenly cosmic songwriting. Sick stuff, really…”


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