Coffee interview inspirations

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  These two clips have been my “drink coffee at 7AM and get inspired to work for the day” videos. Big fan of both their work too, obviously. But these videos are really inspiring to actually DO the work.    

Latest Regret

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  Really fantastic song from my friend Alex Neilson who sometimes plays drums with Six Organs   Love you Alex!

Into 2019

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Happy New Year.   A couple things have been keeping 6Ø from completing the next record. One is that I had a major hard drive crash, effectively ruining the work I’ve done on it for the last 5 months. I know, I know. Well I have 2 external hard drives now. Won’t happen again. So…back… Read more »

Michele Murcure

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Really stoked to grab this new Michele Murcure. The one that came out on Freedom To Spend a bit ago floored me. Basically everything on Freedom To Spend is incredible, so that’s no surprise, but that record in particular:

Most played song of 2018

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  Gotta be this one. Def one of my most played records this year. I’ll probably do some sort of round up at end of the year of favorite records but just realized there was a video for this song.