The Stones and Communication

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You know, it’s funny. I was just thinking how horrible twitter is now for just sending out thoughts you might have at the moment. Or how Instagram is all image etc and thinking, “back in the day I’d just post to my website these dumb thoughts when I felt them” and it was like the… Read more »

The Transfiguration of Saint Eustace

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Iā€™m pleased to announce that orders are now open for a very special project I have been working on with Canadian artist Kenneth Reaume. The Transfiguration of Saint Eustace is a joint project consisting of an 18ā€ x 24ā€, FIVE screen print with a new 20 minute Six Organs of Admittance digital download EP in… Read more »

Tour with Xasthur and Wino

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  Doing a little run with these fine folks this August to celebrate 20 Years of Six Organs. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

Hexadic III

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It is with excitement that I announce the next Hexadic record, Hexadic III:     This record is a compilation of some of my favorite musicians making music using the Hexadic System. It features: Moon Duo Jenks Miller Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley (Heron Oblivion) Tashi Dorji Richard Youngs Stephen O’Malley, Tim Wyskida (both ex-Khanate)… Read more »