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Announcing the second record on Hermit Hut: Australian musician Chris Smith’s Bad Orchestra, coming out October 14th. This release is the first vinyl issue of a record that originally saw life as a small CD run in 2007 on Death Valley in Australia.


Chris Smith


From the moment I got the CD years ago, I’ve had it on repeat constantly. As with Tashi Dorji, Chris is one of those musicians I couldn’t believe wasn’t more well known. The CD seemed impossible to find. It also screamed to be released on vinyl. It’s just one of those records that’s made to be flipped over. When you hear it, you will know what I mean.


Bad Orchestra weaves all sorts of home-made late night destructo-ambient guitar works into a bad-trip haze and adds a couple rockers for good measure. Here’s a rocker:


Chris Smith – Bad Orchestra will be out October 14th and Distributed through Revolver USA.

for press inquires contact press <at>

Pre-order the record on the Hermit Hut page.



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