Here we are. And something to help you sleep.

Well, what can I say? Obviously the touring for the next few months is now off. I have heard from my booking agent that all of the “professionals” have already rushed into Sept  – Dec of this year to make up for their lost tours so there really isn’t a chance of Six Organs touring the States this year. Plans are being made and David Tibet has asked if I could still play the Current 93 shows that have been moved to next March, so that is something. In the meantime, if things ever clear up, I may try to do living room tours. That seems like it might be a fun thing to do when we can all meet again.

In the meantime I have put up this free record of music to help one go to sleep over on Bandcamp. It is something I’ve been working on for the last few months. I even tested it out by sending to friends to see if it helped them fall asleep. It seems like it might come in handy now. If you are feeling as anxious about money as everyone else, don’t worry about it and just grab it for free. That way you can set it to repeat on your player. I also have it set to stream for as many times as you want. The cover is a photograph i took a while ago.



Take care.



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