New Six Organs digital record of rare tracks


I just put up a digital record of a collection of rare Six Organs tracks that have appeared on various comps, 7″ singles, rare lathe-cuts and even some music from the obscure 2008 film The Drifter that I did a little music for. All the music has been remastered and in the case of the Drifter music I remixed it as well.

You Dreamed A Dream Chord

I had a great conversation with my old friend Cam Archer last night. Cam is the one who took the cover photo for Compathia and made many of my of my videos, like the ones for School Of The Flower and Shelter From The Ash. We got on the topic of our websites and talked about how both of us, for YEARS, have been meaning to update our websites. #1 on the list of thing-to-do for both of us! I told him mine is so old some of the fonts have turned the letters into unreadable hieroglyphs. Well, who knows. Maybe in 2023!

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