Tashi Dorji LP + Six Organs in Studio




Hello friends. We have the Tashi Dorji LP in now. Pre-orders are being sent out this week. Thanks everyone who has supported this project by getting one early. It’s a fantastic record. Obviously I love it. Pitchfork had a few nice things to say about it today. You can still order copies from us on the Hermit Hut page. It will also be in record stores on the 19th of August.

Besides that, Tashi will be on tour with Rick Bishop. Dates are on the post below.


                           SIX ORGANS IN THE STUDIO 


Ben & Rob                                                                    photo: NVH


Six Organs has been recording the next release for Drag City with Eric Bauer in SF. This is the longest it’s ever been between Six Organs releases since I first started the band, mostly because I spent all of last year working on a system of music for Six Organs based on the combinatorial processes of Ramon Llull. The band on this record includes NVH (Comets) and Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, Common Eider, King Eider, ex-Deerhoof) and Charlie Saufley (Assemble Head In The Sunburst Sound). It is a record of the loud variety.

More news on this as it progresses, but this will be pretty full-on early next year.



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