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Vampire Belt LP out now on Hermit Hut Records

  A reminder that the 3rd Hermit Hut release is now out. Vampire Belt is the long running duo of Chris Corsano and Bill Nace. This is their first LP. A great review by Bill Meyer is to be read at Dusted. This is FREEDOM music.   Head over to Midheaven  or Grapefruit order a […]


Parallelogram 5 LP

Just a reminder that the Three Lobed Parallelogram 5 LP set is now available. I believe they are in stores now. You can also order them directly from Three Lobed. Individual records are available on Three Lobed’s Bandcamp as well. The Six Organs/William Tyler is here.      


Winter 2016 Events

  I will be doing a handful of events in the coming month: two shows, one lecture and one workshop. They are listed on the Shows page and to the right.   The lecture at Feeding Tube will have me discussing the Hexadic System, it’s influences and worlds as well as some of the basic

Disclosure, Six Organs

Influential music pt 3.

  Here’s part 3 of the “influences on early Six Organs of Admittance” list. This one features folks who were making music just before and at the same time as Six Organs (for the most part at least, or, at least not 60’s psych-folk stuff). I think all the music here will be pretty familiar

Six Organs

New Six Organs releases

  There’s a few new Six Organs releases either just out, or on the way. After spending so long working on the Six Organs Hexadic system, It’s like the damn broke.   First one of note is Hexadic II. This is the follow up to the first Hexadic. The songs are related, using the same

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