Six Organs

Companion Rises happenings

  Elisa Ambrogio made this cool video the The 101 off of Companion Rises       and I recently put together this hour long radio show collage for Resonance FM. The idea was to capture the sounds that the “astroid” Oumuamua picked up through it’s onboard computers as it turned its sensors toward the […]

Six Organs

Companion Rises

  Six Organs Of Admittance will release their next record in Late Feb on Drag City. The record is called Companion Rises and you can hear the first single on bandcamp here:   Much more info soon.   Oh, I also made this little announcement video:  

Six Organs

Six Organs cover Melvins for Aquarium Drunkard

  I covered 3 classic Melvins songs for Aquarium Drunkard and they went up online today. You can listen to them Here.   I also wrote a bit about the band. I’ve been lucky enough in my life to be in bands that have opened for the Melvins on a few occasions. Mostly Comets On

Hermit Hut, Six Organs

Nice review for For Octavio Paz

  Aquarium Drunkard has written a very nice review of the reissue of For Octavio Paz, calling it “One of the great 21st century guitar records.” – Thank you Tyler over at AQ for the very kind review.   Read it Here   Pre-Orders are still happening over at the Hermit Hut Bandcamp page for

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